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Meet our Team - we are enthusiastic web developers and like the challenges of the modern internet.

Alice Loher bei Code Crush


Salü! :)

I am Alice. Where do I like to let off steam the most? On the web, of course, where I can display and design content without really reaching the limits of what's possible. I'm always up for experiments and like to try out new things. I like it to be dynamic, interactive and not 0815. When I'm looking for ideas, I like to look at contemporary art or get inspired by digital artists.


Hey! :)

I'm Lea. I work as a web developer at Code Crush. Actually, I always wanted to be a graphic designer, but in the last few years I discovered my enthusiasm for code. Sounds weird, but it actually makes sense, because programming can also be an extremely creative activity. To compensate for the very mental work, I watch a lot of football. It doesn't really matter which team and which league, as long as the underdog wins.

Frank Zinsli bei Code Crush


Ciao! :)

My name is Frank. When I'm not out in nature, I'm usually sitting in front of my computer and programming. I feel most comfortable surrounded by challenges. I quickly become enthusiastic about all kinds of things. I like to work with the latest technologies and try to understand how they work. When my head starts to smoke in the evening and nothing works anymore, then I know it was a good day.

Samuel Rhyner bei Code Crush


Hello! :)

I am Samuel. My world revolves around programming code most of the time. I love understanding stubborn problems and finding solutions for them. I like to be on the train and work best when the landscape passes me by at 130 kilometres per hour. To switch off, I like to watch real-fiction series - and hate being spoiled. If I have to wait for the stream, I always make a mental note to myself: my applications are programmed with high performance and the waiting times are as short as possible. They are the TGVs among the programmes!

Floriana Niemann bei Code Crush


Tgau! :)

I'm Floriana. I always come into play when it's not about programming. The administration of Code Crush is my stomping ground. My passion is organising and planning things. My weaknesses? - Horses and chips. Once I start, I can't stop with either. When I'm out in the woods on horseback, I can recharge my battery.

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We are located at Bahnhofstrasse 7. The best way to reach us is by train. However, there are several parking garages directly at the station to park a car.

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