Small and young or big and established?

Choosing the right agency for your web job can present you with some challenges. Agencies come in all shapes and sizes. From small 2-man shops to several hundred employees. But why could working with a small and young agency be promising for your company?

Floriana Niemann - 1. September 2021


Young agencies are often also made up of young people. Many take the step into self-employment after their training or after a few years of professional experience. Due to the training, which often takes the form of a degree, the connection to science as well as current trends and methods is very close. In concrete terms, this means that young agencies are on the ball! And they want to stay there. Because that's the only way they can continue to grow. A strong learning culture and thus also the need to constantly develop are very central. Old, sometimes dusty approaches have no place here. Your mission will therefore be implemented "state of the art"!

Now a little more information about the people who decide to work for a young agency. Basically, it can be said that the smaller the company, the more important the performance of each individual employee. Only those who want to get involved and contribute are in the right place in such a company. For you as a client, this means that you are dealing with motivated, dynamic and performance-oriented teams that will implement your order in the best possible way. In addition, you are not just dealing with anyone, but mostly with the founder and thus the expert himself! The "can do mentality" is also very typical. This means that challenges are approached positively, solution-oriented and confidently.

Since young agencies, unlike established companies, are not already trapped in the industry logic, there is often a breath of fresh air and thus new approaches to solutions. So the end product can help you stand out from your competitors.

Another buzzword that is often mentioned in this context is agility. Smaller and especially young companies are not trapped in rigid structures and hierarchies. Decision-making paths are short, which ensures a high degree of flexibility for you as a client.

By the way, digitalisation is a matter of course for young agencies and does not have to be introduced laboriously. New technologies are used with ease and contribute to efficiency. This means that your order can not only be implemented better, but also more time- and cost-efficiently.

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