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Wir machen Ihr Museum digital.

Viele Branchen sind mit der Digitalisierung aufgeblüht. Das gilt auch für Museen. Ein Besuch lässt sich mit einer digitalen Lösung nicht ersetzen. Doch man kann sich damit auf den Besuch vorbereiten (v.a. Schluen) und es wird all den Leuten einen Zugang gewährt, welche nicht in das Museum reisen können.

Your advantages of a PWA

from Code Crush

Rakete symbolisiert Performance
Outstanding performance

As with websites, the same applies here: Web apps are incredibly performant. Reducing an application to the browser allows the end device to get its maximum performance out of it.

Verschiedene Formen überlagern sicht

You develop a web app once. No matter whether iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS or ChromeOS - the web app runs the same on all platforms and on the first try. However, it can be differentiated in the app if this meets the requirements of the app!


A PWA is much cheaper to produce than an app for several app stores. Since an app only has to be developed once, it can be used cross-platform afterwards. This saves a lot of time and therefore costs.

Balkendiagramm symbolisiert Wachstum
Scalable & Expandable

There are no limits to the PWAs when it comes to expanding or scaling them. Since the apps are a mixture of app and website, updates can be distributed to all devices almost in real time!

Did you know?

PWAs can be

installed in the same way as

the conventional apps.

What is standard for us

Our projects are all very different. But there are some standards that are as clear as day for us and that are part of all our assignments.


We are committed to the customer - you. And we try to make that as transparent as possible. Proactive enquiries in case of ambiguities or detailed information about the current work in progress is a matter of course for us.

Desktop PC und Smartphone nebeneinander

In the 21st century, most of a website's traffic comes from mobile devices such as smartphones. It goes without saying that our websites are responsive - i.e. optimally displayed on mobile phones!

Sprechblasen, Kommunikation
Professional & Personal

We demand a high standard of our work. We fulfil orders on a professional basis, but we also want to be personal. We are easy to talk to and very compromise-oriented.

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implemented web apps