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Everyone likes

fast websites.

The time of slow websites is over. Nobody likes to see the loading sign and that is why the moment has come for the next generation of websites: JAM stack websites.

Everyone likes fast websites:
Your visitors, Google and developers!

Your advantages with

a website from Code Crush

We offer development from A-Z. You receive a complete package of a website from us, which you can later adapt yourself via CMS.

Rakete am Start
Outstanding performance

The most modern technology for websites is called "JAM stack". This technology is characterised above all by the fact that the pages load incredibly fast. This page is also made with JAM-Stack technology!

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Advantages with SEO

Google also likes outstanding performance. But that is only one factor in the ranking. We fully incorporate our SEO experience into every project. We also keep our knowledge constantly up to date!


Who knows where your business will be in a few years? Global? We host all our websites on a global CDN (AWS), which promises maximum scalability. No matter how many users your site will have.


Because our websites are hosted on a CDN, they are much more fail-safe than traditional websites. The network of many servers can easily cope with one or two failures.

Schloss Symbol für Sicherheit

Our websites meet much higher security standards than the average. The CMS is not hosted on the same server as the site itself. This makes it almost impossible for attackers to "hack" the site.


The server architecture we use for our websites is cheap. Especially favourable when there is a lot of traffic.

What Jan says about us:

For the redesign of our website, we decided to use CodeCrush because of its JAM stack technology. We were not familiar with this at the beginning, but it convinced us in terms of speed and security. The project management by Samuel and Alice was reliable and very professional. We are extremely happy with our new site!

Jan Müller - Marketing at Leicom AG

What's that?

We often use

the JAM stack.

You must be wondering what the JAM stack is? Is it the future? What advantages does it bring me? Read our blog post and decide for yourself whether your next website will be built on the JAM stack!

Karussel in Bewegung in der Nacht

Although we are travelling fast,

we don't get dizzy.

What is standard for us

Our projects are all very different. But there are some standards that are as clear as day for us and that are part of all our assignments.


We are committed to the customer - you. And we try to make that as transparent as possible. Proactive enquiries in case of ambiguities or detailed information about the current work in progress is a matter of course for us.

Smartphone und Deskop PC

In the 21st century, most of a website's traffic comes from mobile devices such as smartphones. It goes without saying that our websites are responsive - i.e. optimally displayed on mobile phones!

Professional & Personal

We demand a high standard of our work. We fulfil orders on a professional basis, but we also want to be personal. We are easy to talk to and very compromise-oriented.

Leue beim Brainstorming auf Papier und Laptop

Depending on the problem,
we "digital people" also reach for pen and paper.

Examples of already implemented

JAM stack pages