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BSWS Games

For BS-WS, Code Crush was allowed to develop several games with ranking lists, high scores and hidden object pictures.



Lead generation

The campaign "BE SMART - WORK SAFE" (BS-WS) is a campaign of "Safe at Work" and primarily addresses young SMARTWORKERS who are in training. The main focus is on safety at work and raising awareness of equipment in the workplace.

Young people today are mainly on social media and games were produced precisely for these target groups. On the one hand, they should be fun, but on the other hand, they should also address a topic related to occupational safety.

Game: Catch the right Thing

This game is mainly about keeping the "good" danger symbols from falling. In other words, all the real danger symbols or objects that protect you at work must not get caught in the laser. If you do, you lose a life. If you lose all three lives, you have lost. Whoever has scored the most points then comes in first place on the ranking list.

BSWS Games: Game in Action

This link leads to the preview of the game: Catch the right thing.

Game: Wimmelbild

Another game is a hidden object game in which you have to find all the icons that have to do with occupational safety. Once you have found all 10 correct icons, you can take part in the competition.

The biggest challenge was browser and device compatibility. On the smartphone, you can navigate through the hidden object picture with "Pan & Zoom".

BSWS Games: Wimmelbild in Action

What Vérène says about us:

For the youth campaign BE SMART WORK SAFE, I was able to implement great online games with the Code Crush team. In addition to a pleasant collaboration and professional programming, the Code Crush team enriched the projects with valuable conceptual input. I am looking forward to further joint projects!

Vérène Gaillard - Owner Tat&Wort Kommunikation GmbH