Neuer Webauftritt für den
case studies has completely revised and modernised its website. Now all 550 members and 70,000 newsletter subscribers surf on a new, super-fast website.




The old website is getting a bit long in the tooth. A general overhaul of the website is in order, and it should also have a new look. So, in collaboration with the guys from leeway digital agency, a new website was created in "dark mode".

Extended functions

The website contains various small functions that make the experience on the website itself even more interesting. For example, you can submit questions to the "green armchair", which will then be asked in an interview. In addition, you can register as a member directly on the website and transfer the first annual membership fee by credit card.

Image video

The new image video of was published at the same time as the website. Also in collaboration with leeway digital agency, we animated a few effects to better illustrate the topic.


Many thanks to for the trust and the great cooperation! We are proud to have worked for you!