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The new website with integrated booking tool for the negotiation professionals from Zurich.





INCS is a consultig company when it comes to business negotiations. The experts at INCS give negotiation trainings, coach actual negotiations in companies or advise internal employees before possible negotiations.

The former website of INCS was getting on in years and needed a refresh again. This also gave the opportunity to rethink and fine-tune the content as well as the positioning. The screen design and content came from INCS.

Another challenge was the email marketing, as INCS works exclusively B2B. In addition to e-mails, potential customers must also be able to register for training. INCS must be able to process this input easily.

Desktop Ansicht der Webseite von INCS


The process from screen design to the finished website was a very iterative process. Feedback from both sides was exchanged weekly and errors and improvements could be addressed early on.

The management of the registrations was realised with an own plugin, which offers an interface to Mailchimp and also allows exports directly into Excel.

Technical implementation

In addition to its own customer/prospect network, INCS also lives from being found on the Internet or on LinkedIn. Therefore, it is obvious that the programming of the website is based on SEO-appropriate technologies and the development is also geared towards Google and co.

The environment of INCS is very business oriented and it was important for them to be able to react quickly to events. The site was built entirely with the DIVI builder and I developed various elements for them. So it is possible for them to independently add a new course, make a landing page for a campaign or create an info page.

INCS relies heavily on content marketing. Their "Insight Magazine" reveals tips and tricks around negotiations, discussions and strategies.

Desktop Ansicht der Webseite von INCS, Perspektive

Mailchimp was also integrated with the site. Mailchimp is a US company that specialises in newsletters and their administration / dispatch. Participants of the INCS courses can be contacted automatically via Mailchimp as soon as they register. Other functions such as newsletter registration have also been integrated into the website.

I developed a special module for the INCS videos. Instead of a clumsy YouTube embedding, short preview videos are displayed, which have GIF character. Clicking on the "Play" symbol then opens the window and displays the YouTube video.

Final product

The INCS website can be viewed at

Mobile Ansicht der Webseite von INCS

Thanks to INCS for the order and special thanks to Cécile for the constructive cooperation!

Cover picture: Photo by INCS