Shop für La Palausa
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La Palausa

For the colourful and beautiful shop from Lenzerheide we were allowed to create a new online shop including homepage. In addition, the Autschli shop also got a few new brushstrokes.



The old website of La Palausa - a colourful shop in Lenzerheide - was getting a bit long in the tooth. Together with Medea Laim, we were able to completely overhaul the website and the online shop and create a new jewel on the internet.

Shop & Co.

A big part of the job was to redesign the whole web shop. The products got new descriptions and arrangements as well as the possibility to customise it. The following view shows a product page:

Desktop Ansicht des Onlineshops von La Palausa


The Autschli from Lenzerheide belongs to La Palausa. This website was redesigned in the same way and merged with the same system in the background. The magical bear from Lenzerheide also received a new world map of where he has been!

Desktop Ansicht des Onlineshops vom Autschli

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