Webauftritt und Webseite für Markenkern
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Website Markenkern

The brand new web appearance of Markenkern was developed by Code Crush.



Desktopansicht der Webseite von Markenkern


Markenkern AG is THE agency when it comes to brand strategy, digital business engineering or marketing. Their website was solid, but due to the recent repositioning and the website being a bit outdated, they decided to make a new one.

The website was completely structured and designed by Markenkern with the content. My role was to implement the screen designs and ask critical questions if anything was illogical or unclear.


Using an iterative process, we were able to weed out mistakes, corrections or changes at an early stage and moved steadily to this point where we are now. This method is especially useful when both parties are intensively involved in the development of the product, so that they can contribute each other's expertise.

Mobileansicht der Webseite von Markenkern

But the process is far from finished. A good website receives constant maintenance, support and a new function every now and then.

Technical implementation

One of the requirements for Markenkern's website is SEO optimisation of the website (by the way, I have a blog post on this topic: SEO Check: What to look out for). Since Markenkern want to be a role model in content marketing, they should also be found well on Google and co.

In addition to the optimisation for search engines, the entire site has been built modularly with the DIVI-Builder. In other words, each section of the website is a module that can be adapted in a user-friendly way. So if Brandenkern would like to create a landing page for a campaign, they can draw on a large repertoire of elements that they can "recycle" - fully modern, right?

End product

Endprodukt Webseite und Design

The final product is something to be proud of: A new, clean and beautiful website for a good advertising agency.

Thank you Markenkern for the order!