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PWA for LaIsa Polysport

For LaIsa Polysport, Code Crush developed a PWA with teaching materials, videos and much more for sports activity leaders, clubs, schools and the exercise and sports program of the Office for Elementary School and Sports of the Canton of Graubünden.



LaIsa Polysport has compiled 12 years of experience in a new teaching aid. It contains a formula for success, various training contents, sports lessons and information on the Polysport Games and on consulting and coaching for leaders, clubs, schools and cantons.

The brief for us was to bring all this information from the teaching tool together in a modern progressive web app (PWA for short). Furthermore, it should be possible to divide the app into a premium and a free version. In addition, the web application should be built in such a way that further potential customers have the possibility to buy their own application.


Structure & implementation of the app

The app was developed in such a way that two different products emerge from one code base. On the one hand it is the basis for the LaIsa Polysport app, on the other hand it is the basis for the app for the associated edition partner 0712 (sports program of the canton of Graubünden).

This structure enables us to create stand-alone apps for future edition partners.

PWA für LaIsa Polysport: Screenshot aus der App

The PWA was built similar to a native app, i.e. an app that can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store. This is to offer the best possible user experience.

In addition, the web app recognizes the device on which it is currently being called up and whether there is an intact Internet connection. Accordingly, different system messages are displayed. This is not only valuable for the app's functionalities, but also supports the user experience.

Translated with (free version)

PWA für LaIsa Polysport: Screenshots aus der App

As can be seen in the images above, the app can be installed on the smartphone. This not only creates a link to the PWA, but also downloads the app's static content. Content that comes from a database, on the other hand, is loaded dynamically. When a page is called up, the content of this page is saved on the device. This means that the content is also available offline. The app tests each time it is called up whether there are any new features in the database; if so, they are downloaded and updated within the app.

Premium content

One requirement for the app was that certain content is only available in a paid premium version and other content is also available in a free version.

We solved this so that the app is freely available to every user. If the content he or she wants to watch is part of the premium content of the app, a message appears.

PWA für LaIsa Polysport: Wie die Premiuminhalte aussehen

By logging into the app and entering the product key, the purchased lessons are activated.

The special thing about the product key is that it can only be used once and is unique for each user. In this way, we can prevent the product keys from being passed on to other people.

The online shop

Online Shop für LaIsa Polysport: Screenshot


In the online shop, we have automated many different steps to make it easier to work with. In addition to virtual products (product keys for the app), there are also physical products that can be purchased in the shop. For example, order confirmation emails are automatically adapted to the respective product ordered.

In addition, the product keys for the app are generated directly in the mails, so no product keys have to be created manually. In addition, the product keys are sent directly to the respective user. This means that the entire process is carried out and completed automatically.


For the PWA to function as it does today, three different systems had to be built:

  • the PWA itself

  • the database with the content and product keys

  • the online shop

At this point, we would like to thank LaIsa Polysport for our commitment and trust and hope for many more customers of the LIP app!

The PWA and the online shop have been online since August 2021.

Directly to: LIP App

Directly to: LIP Online Shop

What Isa and Ladina say about us:

CodeCrush is the perfect contact for fast websites and web apps. A motivated, competent team that supported us with their knowledge and far-sighted thinking. A compliment also to Samuel Rhyner and his team for their always friendly and patient manner. We are very satisfied with the programming of our web app and homepage and look forward to further good cooperation.

Isa Rest & Ladina Ehrler-Scharplatz - Founders of LaIsa Polysport